Womb Wisdom – Reclaiming Your Sacred Cycle

***Look for an upcoming date in 2020***

Womb Wisdom is a workshop that will connect you with your sacred female cycle and provide you with tools to navigate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes that occur each month and throughout the phases of your life.

You will receive these thorough and in-depth teachings in a safe, non-judgemental space – women of all ages are most welcome.

We will gather together to learn, meditate, reflect, journal, and discuss all aspects of the one common thread that connects all women on earth. We will hold sacred space for each other as we individually and collectively connect with our deepest inner selves. We will breathe life back into long-forgotten practices to honour our bodies, our divine cycles and our connection to Mother Earth. We will embrace the traditions of our feminine ancestors, reconnect with our innate wisdom, and step into the divine power that is every woman’s birthright.

This offering will cover the 4 phases & life stages including:

  • Maiden – Waxing moon/Spring – day 7-14
  • Mother – Full Moon/Summer/Ovulation – day 14-21
  • Enchantress/Wild Woman – Waning Moon/Autumn -day 21-28
  • Wise Woman- New Moon/Winter/Menstruation – day 1-7

In addition to covering content on hormonal shifts, self-care and how to eat & move for each phase, we will call in these divine archetypes through singing, drumming, dancing and meditation.

My experience with Christina’s Womb Wisdom offering was nothing short of positive, informative, and empowering. Since taking this class, I have felt a deeper connection to my body and my cycle. I better recognize when and how to create space for myself – wherever I’m at physically/ mentally/ emotionally.
On a physical level, my cycle has regulated itself, my body feels more nourished, and cramping has eased. On a deeper level, I feel more connected to my womb and fully rooted into the strength I hold as a woman.
~ Kaylee

You will leave with:

  • An in-depth understanding of the energies present in each phase of your cycle and how to live authentically during these shifts, even after your own ebb and flow has ceased.
  • An extensive booklet of resources on how to track and honour each phase of your cycle during the workshop, self-care tips, ritual suggestions, journal prompts, traditional stories & teachings.
  • Access to specifically customized meditations and reflection questions
  • A beautiful Moon Basket including many wonderful treats & surprises!
  • Connections to other strong, beautiful women
  • A womb blessing and sacred songs to honour the water
  • A deep sense of peace and gratitude for your body
What you need to bring:
Yoga mat, pillow, and blanket for meditation
An empty basket
A small snack to share
A journal and pen

Exchange – $111
***Bring a friend and enjoy a rate of $99 + gst each!***

Your host: Christina McKenzie
Christina McKenzie is a passionate educator and advocate for the transformative power of the Arts. She holds double degrees in Music & Arts Education, a Reiki Masters, and has recently stepped onto the path of a Certified Body Talk practitioner. Her enthusiasm for the arts is reflected in her community offerings which include Full Moon dances, Wheel of the Year offerings and workshops on the teachings of the sacred feminine cycle, which she personally honours every month by connecting with her body, the moon, ritual and the animals that show up to guide her. Her deepest and most sincere wish is to provide a safe space for women to gather in community to connect with each other and bond over the common threads that unite us all. She is also the founder of Wheel of Life Creations and creates weighted & crystal blankets, neck wraps and knitted wear and is very proud to be a mother to two beautiful boys and a wife to the world’s most amazing husband.