***All sessions are done with the aid of a beautiful handmade chakra-balancing blanket containing over 200 carefully selected crystals for grounding, purification, heightened intuition and well-being!***

Initial Session ~ 90 minutes  $75

We will meet for the first time to discuss your intentions for healing! This discussion will include places of pain in your body, mental patterns you wish to break, and situations/relationships you wish to heal. I will spend 60 minutes using Reiki to release your personal blockages and finish with an Earth Magic card reading to provide you with guidance and insight as you walk your healing path.


Family Tree Healing ~ 180 minutes  $150

This package includes an initial 90 minute session (see above), teaching on how to draw out your family tree, one hour of my own time with your tree and the grand finale…an additional 90 minute session that includes a lengthy discussion on the patterns and blockages I have found in your family tree, as well as 60 minutes of Reiki and sound vibration therapy to release these blockages as they connect to you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Any work you do to release and repair will be echoed 7 generations forward and 7 generations backward. This session will be done over 2-3 weeks to give you time to re-orient yourself after the first treatment and time to construct & gather the birthdates in your family tree, as well as account for the time necessary for me to spend on your tree. Ideally, we would start on the new moon and finish with our final treatment on the full moon.


Family Tree Healing – alternate package  $90

This package is perfect for anyone who is seeking family tree alignment and has already had previous energetic work done! This ensures that your system is balanced and open before we begin to heal the trauma in your family tree, which can get very intense! This would include anyone who practices frequent meditation or yoga and/or has had previous treatments in Reiki, Body Talk, Access Bars, Craniosacral, etc. It is essential that your own body’s chakras are open before working with your family tree – the energy and healing will need to flow through you! This reduced package includes 60 minutes of my own time working with your family tree to narrow down the trauma or unresolved energy blocks and providing distance healing to start the process, followed by a 90 minute session with you to free these blockages and trauma by working with your own energetic field using Reiki and sound healing.

Follow-up Session ~ 75 minutes, $60

We can meet again at any time following the completion of a Family Tree Healing Session to work on additional issues that arise with you or your family.