My Journey

BodyTalk is everything!

My first BodyTalk session as a client was in 2011 – I was an exhausted mother and full-time teacher. I was putting everyone but myself first and was experiencing chronic fatigue, overall body pain, foggy thoughts, extreme emotions and immense amounts of stress from extended family conflicts. I couldn’t seem to find a solid way forward – I could hardly sleep, I didn’t care about eating well and even though I was relatively happy with my life, my quality of life was clearly being impacted by things I couldn’t control. My usual coping strategies of talking out my problems with my partner or close friends, combined with scouring books for the answers, were not improving my situation. I became dependent on chiropractic and massage therapy to manage my pain and I felt powerless and out of sync with my life.

I found the modality of BodyTalk through a friend and after my first client session, I felt a deep inner peace and an overwhelming sense of wholeness – like I was finally myself and that where I was at was ok. I felt connected and grounded. I returned to BodyTalk as a client over the next 9 years, both alone and with my children, and these sessions drastically improved aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves including:

  • Chronic neck pain & headaches
  • Pain/sickness related to pregnancy
  • Post partum depression/anger
  • Major life changes – birth of children, loss of loved ones, job transition/loss
  • Emotional distress over family conflicts
  • Insomnia, anxiety & adrenal fatigue
  • Allergies/Asthma
  • Disconnection from life/feeling out of sync with my environment
  • As well as infections, ailments, digestive troubles, release of stresses related to traumatic events, sleep issues, and behavior & learning struggles in both my children

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In June 2020, I successfully completed all the course work, session and examination requirements of a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and I am so excited for this new journey! You can read more about my other passions and qualifications on my Bio page on this site or through the International BodyTalk Association.

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BodyTalk Courses taken include: BodyTalk Access, Module 1&2 Fundamentals, Advanced BodyTalk Procedure/Protocol, Module 3 Principles of Consciousness, Module 5 Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A&P, Module 6 Macrocosmic Bodymind, Module 9 Matrix Dynamics, BodyTalk in the Treatment of Cancer, and Mindscape.

Other Qualifications: Bachelor of Music (Specialist), Bachelor of Education (Arts Education), Reiki Maisters and Bio-Neuro Emotions & Healing your Family Tree