Heal your Tree

(photo credit – Tanielle Childers)

“To forget one’s ancestry is to be a book without a source, a tree without a root.”

The roots of our family trees run deep. Ancestors that have lived and loved before us continue to impact our every day lives. My passion is working with clients to examine their family trees and discover the blockages that prevent the flow of light and love within the current generation. Inherited trauma has become prevelant in our society – like the invisible elephant in the room. We know it’s there, we are impacted by its presence, but we have no idea where to start and we certainly can’t shift it alone.

How does this trauma show up in our lives? Stress, anxiety, addiction, pain in the body, feelings of unworthiness and despair, depression, unhealthy relationships to food, money and especially the people we love. This trauma also shows up in our children – they mirror our own inner turmoil and unresolved conflicts, as well as those of our ancestors. What if this trauma didn’t start with you? How do you move forward and conquer what happened to your parents and grandparents? What can you possibly do about your grandfather’s unresolved relationship with his own father or the fact that your grandma was orphaned at an early age? Why are you reliving your father’s disappointments or your mother’s anxiety from years past? Why in the WORLD is this affecting you? Why has their grief, fear, anger or despair become your own?

If these are your questions, our paths are meant to cross. My Reiki certification allows me to use energy healing to break these inherited patterns and free the energetic blocks that have manifested in your own body. My lifelong background as a trained musician and vocalist have given me the ability to perfectly match pitch, so that I can replicate the frequencies needed to unblock the specific chakra where the trauma is stuck. All toxicity is then released to the earth and replaced with pure universal love. I have also read extensively on topics such as epigenetics and inherited trauma, as well as received teachings on how to identify the source of these conflicts within the layout of family trees and in the language of stories told regarding these ancestors and loved ones.

Even though the hand you were dealt was beyond your choosing,  you are in this life and on this path for a reason. You have been called to resolve and repair that which your ancestors could not. It is the path of bravery and of true healing.

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Many Blessings,