Move with the Moon is an invitation to any and all women who wish to reconnect with their bodies through movement and music. We will meet each month on the full moon to engage in a balance of choreographed movements accessible for all skill levels and self-led ecstatic dance. We will explore a new theme each class to reflect the shifting cycles of the Earth and the qualities of the full moon that month. This class will be open to women, ages 18+, who are ready to put in their whole hearts and reconnect with their most primal self – come prepared to laugh, shake your hips, dance with abandon and possibly sing along with your new tribe of wild women!

Feb. 19, 8-9pm @Wilkie Wellness, Regina, SK – our theme to honour this month’s full moon in Virgo is “Who You Truly Are.” We will work through the burdens we carry by acknowledging them, honouring them and slowly peeling them away layer by layer through carefully choreographed movements and a playlist that will literally knock your socks off! You will leave empowered and lighter than you’ve ever felt in your life – I can’t wait for you to join me!

Exchange – $20 – prepayment to is required to hold your spot (password – moondance)

All that is required is an open heart, comfortable/non-restrictive clothing and bare feet. Event details also available on Facebook – Move with the Moon

Wheel of the Year Events 

Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2019 including a Spring Equinox Full Moon Celebration through meditation, drumming and dance!

March 19th, 8:15-9:15 @ Wilkie Wellness in Regina, SK (2614 Albert St.)


*Stay tuned for my next Womb Wisdom offering in late February/early March!*

We are in a time of cosmic awakening and renewal. Long lost traditions are being embraced as we seek to heal the wounds of the past and step into the divine power that is every woman’s birthright. “Womb Wisdom” is a 3 part workshop will connect you with your sacred female cycle and provide you with tools to navigate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes that occur during its 4 phases – Maiden, Mother, Witch & Wise Woman. This course is designed to support you through one full menstrual/lunar cycle by offering a safe space to gather, meditate, reflect, journal, and discuss all aspects of the one common thread that connects all women on earth.

We will cover traditional teachings and stories on the menstrual, lunar and seasonal cycles and connect with powerful animal and goddess archetypes. We will hold sacred space for each other as we individually and collectively connect with our deepest inner selves. We will sing, dance and breath life back into long-forgotten practices to honour our bodies, our divine cycles and our connection to Mother Earth.

We will connect with the 4 main archetypes and how they link to both your menstrual and lunar cycles:

  • Maiden – Waxing moon – day 7-14
  • Mother – Full Moon – day 14-21
  • Enchantress – Waning Moon -day 21-28
  • Wise Woman- New Moon – day 1-7

We will call in these archetypes through singing, drumming and dancing, as well as discuss hormonal shifts, self care,  how to eat & move for each phase, and most importantly,  how to tap into the Ideal You!

You will leave with:

  • An in-depth understanding of the energies present in each phase of your cycle and how to live authentically during these shifts, even after your own ebb and flow has ceased.
  • A booklet of resources on how to track and honour each phase of your cycle during the workshop, self-care tips, ritual suggestions, journal prompts, traditional stories & teachings.
  • Access to specifically customized meditations and reflection questions
  • A beautiful Moon Basket including many wonderful treats & surprises!
  • Connections to other strong, beautiful women
  • A womb blessing and sacred songs to honour the water
  • A deep sense of peace and gratitude for your body

What you need to bring:

  • A journal and pen
  • Yoga mat, pillow, and blanket for meditation
  • An empty basket
  • A small snack to share (preferrably gluten-free)

$100 plus GST- Payment can be sent to with the password being wombwisdom

Your host: Christina McKenzie
Christina is a wife, mother to 2 beautiful boys, Arts Education teacher, creator of crystal & weighted blankets, and Reiki master. She received these sacred teachings two years ago and has been honouring them every month by connecting with her body, the moon, ritual and the animals that show up to guide her. She passionately believes that to heal ourselves, we must embrace all aspects of our being, starting with our sacred cycle and allow ut to guide us on our life’s path. Her deepest and most sincere wish is to provide a safe space for women to gather in community to connect to each other and bond over the common threads that unites us.