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I had a pretty bad leg break before Christmas that shook up some past trauma. Christina worked with me to help release so many things from my past through BodyTalk- what a difference! BodyTalk is so amazing if you need any kind of healing. Christina is amazing and I feel so safe sharing with her.” V.S.

Initial Appointment $90 (90 minutes) – for new clients only, this includes a 15-20min intake of all your healing concerns and priorities, a comprehensive intake form and the signing of a consent form. A 75 minute BodyTalk session will follow where you relax on a massage table as I use your hand to navigate through the yes-and-no neuromuscular biofeedback your body provides to the questions within the BodyTalk Protocol Chart. I like to begin all my sessions with a relaxation visualization where we focus on all the individual parts of the body and send warmth to each part as you slowly relax and shift yourself from busy ‘beta’ brainwaves to a slower alpha state. Communication is re-established to the priority areas in the bodymind, which are then linked together in a ‘formula’ and implemented through a very gentle tapping process over the head, heart and belly. The session will conclude when all the priorites for healing have been revealed and your body indicates that the session is done. I like to finish my sessions with some basic muscle range tests to show the improvments in mobility & range of motion (neck, arms/shoulder, back).

Follow-up Session $75 (75 minutes) – for returning clients, this includes a brief intake of your healing priorities and a discussion of your progress between sessions. The remaining time is dedicated to your BodyTalk session and will follow a similar path described in “initial app’t”.

Session Summary Recording $20 (25 minutes long, available within 24 hours) – this option is available for both an initial and a follow-up session. As a certified practitioner, I am required to keep notes of all the priorites that came up in your session. This gives me a very detailed overview of what was covered and is kept for my own reference. To do a session recording, I use a high quality microphone and record a relaxing, meditative introduction where you are guided to relax all the way from your head to your toes, then I flow into the items that were covered in your session. This is done AFTER you leave on my own time. By speaking the priorities again, the shifts that you felt during your in-person session are carried out again through the frequency of my voice. It is essentially a copy of your BodyTalk session available in any easily accessibly MP4 format and can be downloaded to your device. I recommend listening in a relaxed position with earphones – do not listen while driving!

Christina has done 2 distance sessions for my son who is in a coma after having a brain hemorrhage in February. Both of the sessions provided me with insight into some things he has been dealing with or feeling, as he is not yet able to communicate. Especially helpful the evening before a major surgery to provide calm and peace of mind for us both. If you are unfamiliar with BodyTalk, It is something you really need to experience in order to understand it. Thank you Christina!” B.B.

Distance sessions are available via Zoom for your intake, followed by a phone call for your session. This allows you to put me on speakerphone and relax as if we were together in person!

“Christina’s sessions are relaxing and easy to understand with lots of details about the process. It started with a zoom call to introduce ourselves, then the session took place over the phone to keep me safe during Covid. During the session, I felt like we were in person. She was professional with a very personal connection for my first appointment. I highly recommend her, as I will definitely follow up with her.” K.L.