My formal qualifications:

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • B.MUS Specialist, B.Ed Arts Education
  • Teaching Certificate (SK)
  • Reiki Master
  • Seamstress extraordinaire

My philosophy as a healer is to help my clients find their personal power. Healing on all levels is available to anyone and everyone through awareness and self-compassion. Get to know me through my video library!

I have been a musician since age 4 and grew to quickly love the Arts, as they gave me a chance to embrace my most vulnerable self and to continally evolve through creative expression. Following 13 years of training and 7 years of post-secondary education, I was privileged to teach the Arts in the public school system for 13 years. As I continued to work on deep healing through meditation, Reiki treatments & training, as well as counselling and extensive self-reflective study, my career path slowly shifted away from elementary education towards healing.

One of my core beliefs is that the arts are accessible for everyone, regardless of age or ability. I am deeply passionate about using the Arts to bridge the gap between the mind and the body – a connection we often ignore as we scurry about our daily lives. Our body literally carries us through our entire life – how often do you genuinely honour and engage with yours? Do you remember jumping with joy and dancing with abandon when you were young? I watch my 2 young boys do that every day and I know that inner child lives within the rest of us, just waiting to be set free! My absolute favorite time to do this is on the Full Moon – an ideal time for letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you and the best time to let loose and move your body! I hope to offer these dance events as soon as it is safe to do so.

Another cornerstone of my beliefs is living cyclically with the shifts in both your body and the world around you. Women have a powerfully beautiful link to the natural world – our own cycles mirror that of Mother Nature and we are meant to ebb and flow in our energy levels, emotional states and even dietary/movement needs. My life improved 10 fold when I embraced this and aligned my life to my cycle – I am so passionate about sharing this knowledge with other women through my offering Womb Wisdom – Reclaiming the Sacred Cycle, which will potentially move to an online format for Fall 2020.

Now for the other side…I have always been tuned into that which is not being said, even from an early age. I have been able to feel the undercurrent of unspoken words, which would often tune me into peoples’ intentions, despite what they were or were not saying or doing. I was also lucky enough to have a few guides along the way who were tuned into this realm and I grew to deeply respect and admire the spirituality of the First Nations culture. Animals started to show up for me when I needed them and they continue to do so on an almost daily basis.

I am forever thankful for my strong and caring partner who has supported me in the pursute of numerous healing modalities and given me the space to shift in countless ways, all while sharing care of our 2 young boys and more often than not, taking over the bulk of the household responsibilities while doing his own deep inner work.

I was also very fortunate to find an amazing BodyTalk practitioner once my oldest was born. The BodyTalk sessions I received at this vulnerable time in my life kept me in balance and brought me back to myself when I would fall out of balance. They allowed me to heal at all levels over the next 9 years – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You can find more specifics about my treatments & the issues I was able to overcome on my BodyTalk page. I knew my path someday would be to shift into the practitioner role and start offering treatments to others and as a June 2020, I was finally able to realize that goal!

I am now offering BodyTalk sessions in person or through distance and am blessed to finally have come back to my home space after so many years out in the work force. I continue to balance treatment work with my committments to my family, friends, the Arts and continual self healing .

Many blessings, Christina